New Season’s Vegetables Now Available

After a very long lay off, due to Hungry Gap starting earlier than usual for us, we’re pleased to say that vegetables are now being harvested once again.

It’s not been a very easy time, with a prolonged dry spell which has resulted in significant losses, particularly of the summer purple sprouting and the spring cabbages. It hasn’t been helped by an invasion of pigeons who have devestated the sugar snap peas, but everything else is now coming along nicely, all be it some crops haven’t produced as much as we’d hoped.

However, the French Beans, which we are growing in the tunnel, are cropping very well and we’ve had excellent pickings of broad beans. The lettuce and salad leaves are looking good and fresh and the tomatoes, which are in the tunnels, are also just starting to ripen.

Carrots look and taste excellent and even though we’ve not had as much rain as we would have liked, the potatoes are looking good – the salad ones in particular are excellent and the main crop varieties are also starting to produce good yields.

We’re just hoping that the rain will come along again soon and help the remaining vegetables on their way.

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