We’re now up and running with new season’s veg and list below what is available for the week ending 3rd July 2020. Things are somewhat later than usual and in some cases we have less than expected due to a lack of rainfall, so please do bear with us in the short term.

If you would like to place an order for the week ending 3 July please do so before 10.00 on Thursday 2nd July; please note we cannot accept orders after this time. Minimum order value £8. We are not currently taking on new customers, but once we’re up and running will be in touch with those on our waiting list so if you’d like a box please let us know and we’ll be in touch soon.I

BeetrootNew seasons wth or without leaves
Blackcurrants250g punnets
Broad BeansYoung and tender
Bunched CarrotsVery sweet and juicy
Chard 250g bagsRainbow, lovely colours
CourgettesSummer is here!
French BeansTunnel grown and very tender
LettuceRed and green, different varieties of each
OnionsWhite, old season
Podded PeasVery sweet
Potatoes, SaladDelicious hot or cold
Potatoes – redDelicious hot or cold
Salad bag 100g bagsSome spicy, some not, a mix
TomatoesCherry, various varieties of red and yellow
Tenderstem BrocolliDelicious but supply limited
Spinach 250 g bagsNew season, tender