We’re delighted to say that vegetables are now growing well and normal service has now resumed with.  If you’d like to order one of our Mystery Boxes (minimum order £6) please either mail us directly at bothenhill@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively telephone to discuss.  Alternatively, if you wish to order a menu-based box we give below the vegetables which will be available for this week. Please submit your order by lunchtime on Thursday each week, again minimum order is £6.  If you’ve not ordered from us before, please phone, to avoid your order going to junk and being missed.  Thank you.


Beetroot – New season’s very juicy and the leaves are excellent as well

Cabbage – round winter

Carrots – Absolutely delicious

Chard – vibrant colours

Cucumbers –  full of flavour

Garlic – small but tasty

Lettuce – Both green and red available, loose leaf and tight

Leeks – First of the season’s crop

Onions – red and white – new season’s and delicious

Peppers – green and red straight from the tunnel

Potatoes – Salad – Nicola waxy and great

Potatoes – white valor first of this season’s main crop

Potatoes – red – rudolph first of this season’s main crop

Runner Beans – last of this season’s crop

Salad bags – Variety of leaves, some spicy, some not

Spinach – New season

Squash – Red Onion, first of the crop

Sweet Corn – getting smaller but still sweet and juicy

Tomatoes – cherry – selection of red and orange

Tomatoes – standard size full of flavour