We regret that we are currently unable to take on any new customers for deliveries, we are, however, open on Friday mornings until noon at the farm gate where we’ll have our full range of seasonal vegetables.

For existing customers we give below a list of what’s available for the week ending Friday 21st January, Please get your orders in by 9.00 am on Thursday 20th January. We regret that we won’t be able to process orders received after this time.

Beetroot: Sweet and juicy and delicious hot or cold

Cabbage – Red – delicious either cold in a mixed slaw or hot for those chilly autumn evenings

Carrots – Full of flavour

Cauli – Some green trivia still available and also small white

Chard – add lots of different colours to your plate, by the bag, 250g

Kale – Red russian (Ragged Jack)/traditional green curly

Leeks Full of flavour

Nero – Black Kale, delicious steamed and in soup

Onions – Red and White in various sizes

Parsnips – Great for roasting or mashed

Potatoes – Red Maxine – a great all-round potato

Potatoes – White – valor, a great all-round potato

Salad Bags – Mixed leaves, some spicy, some not 100g

Spinach – full of vitamins, by the bag 250g

Sprouts – love ’em or loath ’em they’re still here

Squash Harlequin, Kabacha and butternuts available