The New Year has arrived

We’re now a month into the New Year and it’s certainly been all go here at Bothen Hill. Following a very hectic Christmas we took a week out to catch up  and have some quality family time!

Back into the swing of things, and we’re already having deliveries of seeds which were ordered during our break; lots of discussion about what was successful last year and what varieties do and don’t want to be repeated. We certainly had some wonderful crops last year, and are hoping that this year’s seed selection will produce equally good results!

The seed potatoes arrived a couple of weeks back and with a lull in the wet weather, although very cold, we were able to plant four lines of earlies last week. They are now tucked up under the fleece and hopefully will provide us with an early copy in May, subject of course to the ever-variable weather.

We have already sewn early cabbage, calabrese, lettuce and leeks, and good germination has taken place in the poly tunnel;s. Last year we changed our compost with amazingly good results, so a large pallet was delivered a couple of weeks ago in the hope that we get the same results again.

Meantime of course, picking continues between the storms if possible. The root crops are doing well and we’ve also got plenty of sprouts. Thankfully the greens appear to be holding up well against the frosts, the cauliflowers don’t like it but we’ve had a good crop and hopefully there will be more to come soon…..

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