Christmas Update


Our Christmas turkeys are reared as day old poults, arriving in the Summer, and allowed to grow and mature slowly over the months running up to December. Their feed is supplemented by our organic vegetable waste – we’ve found that cabbage is their favourite! – and they are allowed to roam free in the field during the day. We have a very loyal customer base who have been returning to us for years and are very proud of our reputation for producing what many customers describe as the most delicious turkey they have ever had.

On the vegetable front, winter veg is in full swing, with plenty of greens, including sprouts, sprout tops, curly kale, Red Russian kale, cavalo nero and purple sprouting to complement our usual range of root vegetables. One of the biggest challenges that we are faced with during the winter months is ensuring a continual supply of staple items such as carrots is possible; this involves planting the crop at intervals throughout the Autumn, including some sowings in our polytunnels for the latter months.

We will be open for collection during the run up to Christmas, although please be aware we will also be out picking vegetables on the Monday and Tuesday,  We will be closed between Christmas and the New Year, open for Farm Gate Sales on Friday 1st January and back to normal deliveries on Friday 8th January.

2020 has been a busy and exceptionally challenging year for us, as it has been for many people.  As always the weather has been different,  we went from being deluged at the beginning of the year to exceptionally cold. Then of course the sun came out which was, of course, wonderful, but there was no rain.  However, nature has a wonderful balancing act and things have just about caught up now, although some vegetables are arriving later than normal.  However, we’re counting our blessings on the yield front.  We’d like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – we look forward to seeing you in 2021.