Monthly Archives: June 2022

Final Week of Asparagus Picking

We’re now entering the final week of asparagus picking. The local shops, Modbury Farm Shop, Fruits of the Earth, Washingpool and Fruit N 2 Veg in Beaminster will all receive their final box this week, if they’ve not already. We’ll still have asparagus available at the Farm Gate on Friday 10th June, but that will be the end for this year.

However, the new season’s vegetables are coming apace, so do come along on Friday to sample:-

Broad Beans – young, tender and juicy

Sugar snap peas – delicious either cooked or raw in salads

New potatoes – Rocket – amazing taste

Hispi cabbage – great either cooked or in salad

Lettuce – green little gem, crisp and crunchy

Carrots – bunched full of flavour

Tender Stem Broccoli – tender and delicious

Calabrese – full of flavour

French Beans – straight from the tunnel and very flavoursome

Courgettes – tunnel grown and delicious

Rhubarb – great in crumble or jam