End of summer update from Bothen Hill

We had a busy day at Dorset Farmer’s Market in Bridport this weekend, with a whole host of delicious veg available. The sweetcorn, which has continued to come on with the recent sunshine, was a best seller – over 100 cobs sold to happy customers!

We are fortunate that all of our produce is looking good – despite the recent lack of rain – we therefore have a whole range of vegetables which we are either harvestinSONY DSCg now or looking to integrate into our boxes within the next couple of weeks…

Our runner beans, which we planted in one of the polytunnels, are flowering well and hopefully will provide us with a late crop of beans next month. Additionally, we are also looking towards the Autumn, having harvested a few of our earlier squash varieties. Uchiki Kuri, a round orange variety, is cropping now – having sampled it for ourselves we can confirm that it is rather tasty! The celeriac has grown well this year, and looks really good, as do the other root veg we have in our fields – swede, carrots and parsnips are all coming along well.

This year we have for the first time expanded our range to include white beetroot; they are deliciously sweet, and not as messy as their red cousins! We have found that they work well roasted in the oven and have had good feedback from our customers who have sampled them as well.

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