Asparagus season at Bothen Hill

The asparagus season is well underway here at Bothen hill, where we grow 3.5 acres of the tasty spears. The season started in the last week of April when we began to harvest Gijnlim, our early variety; this has been followed be Ariane, Millennium and also Jersey Knight.

2015-05-09 13.08.42Being close to the sea gives the asparagus a regular coating of salt, which enhances the flavour. We harvest the asparagus daily – this year’s yields are as a result of last year’s hot and sunny summer.  To date, we have harvested well over half a ton and we hope that the crop will continue to yield well into June.  Once picked, the spears are hand graded, bunched, labelled and packed prior to being hydo-chilled ready for delivery.

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